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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Alicia Witt, LM, CPM -, 602-MIDWIFE (643-9433), in home visits or convenient offices in the Phoenix East and West Valleys.

10offYou landed on this page, because I am currently offering a 10% internet discount to new first-time clients.  To qualify, please fill out the form to the right or call me at 602-643-9433 and mention the 10% discount.  We have a small midwifery practice, just one midwife and our assistant midwives, and we want to give you lots of personal time and attention.  As a result, we don't run advertising very often, only when I have ample room in my schedule to accept new clients.

I love birth, and I love pregnancy, and I love babies, and I want to help you realize your ideal home birth experience.  I am in the best profession in the world, sharing in new family's greatest joy in life.

We will meet every 2-4 weeks in the beginning, and then weekly as your due date approaches.  Either we can meet at my office, or I will drive to you - in fact, if you want, most or all of our visits can be in the comfort of your own home.  I want to get to know you, your family, and be part of developing a comprehensive "birth philosophy" that we can use to guide the creation of your perfect home birth experience.   I own and can provide water birth pools, and I encourage moms to labor in water (I call it nature's epidural).

Call me at 602-MIDWIFE (643-9433)

to book a FREE No-Obligation In-Home or In-Office Consultation, where we will:

  • Answer all of your questions about home birth, water birth and natural childbirth
  • Discuss and plan your ideal birth experience
  • Assess risk factors including VBACs or chronic medical conditions
  • Spouses are encouraged -- children are always welcome at all appointments

What does a midwife cost?  First, I believe that everyone should have access to midwifery care, so we offer a variety of levels of service and a sliding scale for low-income families.  Our doula fees for birthing center or hospital births with prenatal/post-partum care range from $700 to $1200, and the fees for full pregnancy, home birth, and post-partum care programs range from $2500 to $3900, depending on financial situtaion, any testing required, and options (water pools, home birth kits, etc).  Call me at 602-643-9433, and I can ask a few questions and give you a quote.  Also, remember to ask about the 10% off internet promotion.

Call me anytime for any reason.   I make myself available to my clients 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  You and your birth are my first priority.  When I started my family, I used a wonderful midwife in Utah, and she made me believe that there was nothing more important in her world than me and my new baby.  That experience more than a dozen years ago inspired me to become part of the growing ranks of healthcare workers who want to provide a much higher standard of pregnancy care, and a more caring, personal and intimate birth experience.  Originally a licensed massage therapist providing prenatal and postpartum massage, I have since served as either a doula, midwife at many hundreds of births, at home, in water, at birth centers, and in hospitals.

How to choose a midwife?   There are only about 100 midwives in Arizona, a small but very busy community that delivers thousands of babies each year.  I personally know nearly all of the licensed midwives in the state, and I can easily say that I absolutely love everyone who choses this avocation.  We support each other, we work in teams, and we back each other up.  Therefore, after you ask about credentials and experience and training, I think the most important factor in choosing a midwife is whether your personalities and values click.  Some call it chemistry, so when you an interview your midwife, one of the questions I would ask is, "Is this someone I would invite over to Sunday dinner?"

We will be spending a lot of time together during the next year of our lives, so it is important that be both feel "connected."   Midwives do not take on the same patient load that an OB GYN typically handles, because midwives tend to spend up to 10 times as much one-on-one time with our patients.   When you work with a midwife, we will get to know you intimately, and we do everything personally, all of your prenatal visits, your lab work, your vitals, interviews, including lots of home visits and checkups before, during and after birth.  And one of my greatest joys lately is watching some of the babies I have delivered grow up through social media, so please send me a friend request on Facebook.

Due to my background and training, I tend to be a bit more medical in my procedures and standards than some midwives.  I love home birth, and I love the midwifery standard of care, but what I care most about is the safety and health of mom and baby.  I don't believe that all babies should be born at home, and I am very comfortable assisting in a birthing center or hospital environment, so part of what we will do during our interview (or over the phone) is assess the risk factors of your pregnancy.  I believe that low-risk pregnancies often achieve the best outcome with home birth (lowest c-section rates, bonding opportunities, family involvement, fewer interventions, etc), but high-risk births should happen in hospitals.   I do accept most VBAC clients for home birth, but this must be weighed with other risk factors.  If higher risk factors indicate a hospital birth is best for you, however, I can still be there to advocate for you and your birth plan or philosophy, to help you better navigate the hospital system and achieve the best possible birth outcome.

Call me at 602-MIDWIFE (643-9433)

to discuss your pregnancy.

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What Moms Say About Alicia

From our client testimonials and stories pages.

"She gave me the courage to do things I wasn't sure about and the knowledge about things I had no idea about!"
  -- Kursta Robinson

"She really upheld the sacred space of my bedroom when I was laboring and encouraged me after birth to BE with my newborn."
  -- Katie Mullins

"She gave us peace of mind and reassurance as we navigated our first birth."
  -- Melissa Kohler

"You become part of her family when you receive care from her."
  -- Sara Walters

"She has exceeded my expectations, which is not an easy thing to do."
  -- Naomi Thomas

"I have online access to everything, my notes, stats, ultrasound reports, whenever I want which makes me feel in control and informed."
  -- Tikla Fife

"She also helped keep me focused, and kept encouraging me every step of the way."
  -- Evelyn Hernandez

"If you are looking for a kind, genuine, knowledgeable individual that will respect your birthing preferences for what they are, Alicia is a perfect fit for you."
  -- Marie Repec

"She never rushed us through appointments - we always felt like she was there to answer all of our questions."
  -- Danielle Hazeltine

"She is knowledgeable and always had the answers that I needed in time of concern/panic."
  -- Heather Groom

"Her gentle presence was part of what made our birth excellent!"
  -- Melissa Kohler

"I want you to know from my heart that I think you are truly wonderful at what you do.  My birth would not have been the same without you there."
  -- Sara Ann Tyler