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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Newborn Crochet Outfit Photos

We have many dozens of different crochet baby outfits that we are more than willing to share with clients.  Below are some photos taken by clients or professional photographers with some of these crochet outfits.   Click on one of these images to make it large and view a slideshow.  We have also created a video with some of of the crochet outfits in our inventory.

  thumb crochet-bs-acorns  thumb crochet-bs-bear  thumb crochet-bs-bear2  thumb crochet-bs-blue  thumb crochet-bs-books  thumb crochet-bs-bunnies  thumb crochet-bs-bunny  thumb crochet-bs-cat  thumb crochet-bs-cradle  thumb crochet-bs-egg  thumb crochet-bs-fish  thumb crochet-bs-giraffe  thumb crochet-bs-heart  thumb crochet-bs-ladybug  thumb crochet-bs-long  thumb crochet-bs-mermaid  thumb crochet-bs-orange  thumb crochet-bs-owl  thumb crochet-bs-owl2  thumb crochet-bs-pigcow  thumb crochet-bs-police  thumb crochet-bs-princess  thumb crochet-bs-racoon  thumb crochet-bs-sailors  thumb crochet-bs-sheep

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What Moms Say About Alicia

From our client testimonials and stories pages.

"She gave me the courage to do things I wasn't sure about and the knowledge about things I had no idea about!"
  -- Kursta Robinson

"She really upheld the sacred space of my bedroom when I was laboring and encouraged me after birth to BE with my newborn."
  -- Katie Mullins

"She gave us peace of mind and reassurance as we navigated our first birth."
  -- Melissa Kohler

"You become part of her family when you receive care from her."
  -- Sara Walters

"She has exceeded my expectations, which is not an easy thing to do."
  -- Naomi Thomas

"I have online access to everything, my notes, stats, ultrasound reports, whenever I want which makes me feel in control and informed."
  -- Tikla Fife

"She also helped keep me focused, and kept encouraging me every step of the way."
  -- Evelyn Hernandez

"If you are looking for a kind, genuine, knowledgeable individual that will respect your birthing preferences for what they are, Alicia is a perfect fit for you."
  -- Marie Repec

"She never rushed us through appointments - we always felt like she was there to answer all of our questions."
  -- Danielle Hazeltine

"She is knowledgeable and always had the answers that I needed in time of concern/panic."
  -- Heather Groom

"Her gentle presence was part of what made our birth excellent!"
  -- Melissa Kohler

"I want you to know from my heart that I think you are truly wonderful at what you do.  My birth would not have been the same without you there."
  -- Sara Ann Tyler